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About Care Giver



Main child care provider

36 years old

Desktop Publisher MLDesign

Non Smoker

Medical background:

Worked 6 years as a nursing assistant in hospital, long term care facilities and private homes

Worked 3 years as a Counselor in a group home with profoundly developmentally disabled adults

Worked 3 years in Customer Service Environment

CPR, first-aid, and medication-administration knowledge

Worked 4 years in Private Child Care



Also present in home:


57 years old

Mother of 3: (Older daughter -- see information above; Younger daughter is a pediatrician working with child abuse in New York State; Youngest child, son, is a mechanical drafter, in Massachusetts.)

Grandmother of 3


Retired LPN holding both New York State and Arizona State nursing licenses

Have worked with: Infants in a Crisis nursery; Geriatric long term care; Private duty terminal care; Private Duty for Alzheimer patients; Private Duty suicide watch for suicidal patients.

CPR Certified

Substitute kindergarten teacher one year

Day care Center Experience

Total 21 years caring for children other than my own

Total 5 years child care experience in Arizona





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