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About Child Care


We are located near 48th Street and Thomas Road, Phoenix, Arizona, 85018

We are in an apartment complex. There is a pool but it is not near our apartment. We are near the back of the complex away from Thomas Road.

You are free to call or come by at any time during the day while your child is in our care. 


We take care of a maximum of four children at one time for which we receive compensation


We have one cat, Molly, who is just over 3 years old. He is declawed. Molly will not usually come in the same room with someone until he gets used to them being around. He does not go near the children, and will run if one of them comes too close, or tries to touch him. He usually spends all day sleeping in the bedroom. Evenings and nights, he will wander out to other areas.


 Starting age is birth to 3rd birthday. We will care for a child as long as they continue to fit into the environment and are appropriate with other children.




 All shifts from 6 AM Monday through 8 AM Saturday.

 Hours worked out on an individual basis.




 Monday through Friday only. Part time is accepted, however, the full time rate must be paid. We do not accept occasional drop-ins.




 $80 a week (up to 5 days based on 8 hour shifts, or up to 4 days based on 12 hour shifts.)




 Once your child is eating table food, snacks and meals are provided, depending on the time of day your child is in care.

 While your child is on baby food and/or formula, parents are to provide this.




 Free Play, Outside walks, Outside Play for older children, Stories read, Some children's TV, Age and Developmentally appropriate activities.




 Provided upon request



 Background Check:

 Information provided upon request.


About Caregiver

Contact Information

Picture Gallery


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